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Very, very good game, congratulations!

We (from the forum) have a doubt... How do you make the jellyfish behind the background?

If the jellyfish are chars and the background is chars, how do you avoid the colour clash?


Thank you very much, and I´m glad you asked.
The seabed is just a set of sprites ;-)

Thank you very much for your response!

Interesting! Didn't think those were sprites!

Great little game! Any chance you'd be willing to share the source and / or graphics?

Hi, if you need any sources, send me an email to spacefirehawk(at)

Email sent!

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Brilliant little game and a lot fun. The addition of a pause button is such a simple yet welcome addition and I wish more games had it. Would be cool if the game could remember my initials for the high score to save me selecting them each time? An option to save the score would be super awesome too! Well done .

Hey Steve, thank you. Regarding the missing highscore saver, it´s the same thing like with Space Firehawk:

Sub Chase 64 is intended to be a arcade/cartridge game, so I haven´t implemented any disk operations.

But if you really need a high score saver: The guys from Laxity have built it into their cracked version, which can be found on

Just turn off the trainer ;-)

i liked this game

Good new game, thumbs up.

Thanks, Sparky-D  :)

Very nice :)

Hey, thanks for announcing !

Excellent game! Really nice!

thank you :)

Love this conversion! Any chance for adding paddles control?

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Interesting idea. I would have to get a pair of paddles first to see how it could work. Not sure how one shoud release the shockwave with paddles, have to think about it.

Really nice game!

Good run, thank you !

very good

enjoy !